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Last updated: April 27th, 2017
The most recent hairy babes video update is so fucking awesome that you will simply adore it! These two were so bored at work that they decided to do something else, something more exciting and fun, cause anyway they couldn’t focus on the work anyway! You got to see how they started to make out right there, getting rid of their clothes all of a sudden. They started to touch each other all over the place and when he noticed that she has such an outstanding bush between her legs he was hard right away. He loves it when the partners he has doesn’t shave their pussies, it’s making them more, way¬† much more hot having that pubic hair.

You will see how these two fucked like they were insane, she also got down on her knees and took his tool into her hands, munching it and slurping it. She really adores performing orals, but most of all she likes to deep throat cocks like this, huge and heavy, cause she likes it when all her mouth is full, not just a part of it. You will see how she will offer her haired pussy to be deeply stuffed and how she will end up having a huge load of white creamy cum all over her hair, her pubic one. She adores it to mess it around with her fingers, to stretch it all over that curly hair! Enjoy every single second of this update cause it’s simply amazing! For similar videos visit and have fun watching other slutty chicks getting their faces covered with sticky jizz.

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Hairy Babes Video – Amanda Vamp

Amanda Vamp is going to be the babe that will rock your world into the latest hairy babes video update! She is home alone but don’t worry, she is not the kind of babe that will get bored just because there is no one else around! She will find a great activity for her, to have fun and to spend the time in a fantastic manner, just the way she used us! You will adore the way she will spend the evening, and you will get hard only by watching her, I promise! She is going to amaze you with her fluffy pussy that wasn’t been shaved in a very long time!

Like the ladies from fartfantasy videos, she is probably one of the sexiest babe ever with that curly pubic hair, that every man loves! She has a favorite toy at home, a great sex toy that she is going to finally use for her own pleasure. She has it for quite a long time now, but she didn’t had the chance until now to please her pussy with it, but now it’s the perfect time for the great opening, and trust me, she will simply love it cause the dildo is so huge and heavy and it goes so deep into her hairy pussy that it’s making her shake and trembling! She will have orgasm after orgasm and she will cum in the end, and you can admire that white trickle of juicy nectar that comes out of her tight muffin!

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XXX Hot Hairy Babes – Interracial Fuck


xxx-hot-hairy-babes-fuckThere is a new xxx hot hairy babes update for you and this time, we have a very naughty guy, a black one with of course a super huge cock. He is going to have a great time with a slutty babe that loves to fuck with all the guys, just like the chicks from models tied blog. She adores having her bush deeply shoved so when this guy asked her to come over at his place, she accepted right away cause she knew that they will have a great time together and they will fuck like they never did before in their life! She adores the fact that he has such a colossal tool and he loves it that she never shaves her pussy, so he could spread his cum on her bush, in the end, just the way he wanted for such a long time!

She adores to suck that black huge cock, so she will get down, open up her mouth and receive that awesome mouth fuck, like she wanted since she arrived. After she made that cock be way more bigger than it was before, she climbed this guy and stuffed his enormous black cock into her hairy pussy and she started to ride it on and on, with a lot of eagerness! She adores stuffing her hairy pussy with this tool, because it is so huge that she can finally stuff her vagina entirely! Enjoy seeing this guys fucking session, cause it’s pretty amazing! You will adore it, trust me!

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Hairy Babes – Samantha Bentley

Samantha Bentley is one of the hairy babes that doesn’t always need a man in her life! She enjoys every single second of it, even thought she is single or not, if she has who to go out with or not, it’s not really an issue for her, cause anyway she loves herself and her body so she can do whatever she likes to, with her! You got to see how she managed to go out and stuff her pussy, even though she was in a public place! Like the kinky whores from dirty garden girl galleries, she has no shame sometimes, but that is precisely why we love her, cause she can be an angel or a slut.

She went in a park to have a nice sun bath, but because she started to feel very horny, she took her sex toy out of the purse and she started to shove it into her hairy pussy, into that super hairy hole of hers that was craving for a nice pounding like this! You got to see how she pleased herself right there, stuffing that dildo on and on into her pussy hole, obtaining a nice orgasm and she didn’t even got caught, at least that’s what we think!samantha-bentley-hairy-pussy

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Michelle’s Cum Bath

The most recent hairy babes video is so hot that you would need to take a seat and enjoy the scenes from over there, cause the action is so hardcore that you couldn’t stand up and watch it! You have to see how Michelle will expose her super hairy pussy and how is she going to shove her fingers through that hair, playing with it and spinning her fingers there. Her partner loves her bush as well, so while he will offer them his enormous cock to be blown , he will delight with this awesome image, hers, and he will get harder and herder by looking at her how she is pleasing that hairy pussy of hers!

You got to see how she will shove that colossal tool deep down her throat and how she likes to lick his rounded balls as well! She looks so damn hot how she is being laid down with her legs spread wide open, with that hairy pussy super exposed like that! Don’t miss a single second of this video update, cause it’s freaking awesome and you will find out a lot of surprises that Michelle is ready to impress you with, and if you liked it check out blog and enjoy watching other gorgeous ladies stripping their clothes off!michelle-sucking-cocks

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Hairy Babes – Lussy

Lussy is the latest hairy babes model and she is so happy and thrilled to expose herself and specially her hairy pussy that she couldn’t wait to arrive and expose herself! She adores hardcore bondage and to be fucked and her partner happen to love the way she grown her pubic hair, so you should see what happened next with these two! It’s like they were fucking for the first time ever, that’s how eager they were to remove their clothes and fuck instantly.

He was shocked, the bush between the legs was immense, he never seen such a long curly hair there, no other women had so much pubic hair so he was instantly up, ready for a nice drilling. As she spread her legs, he focused to hit the hole, cause with all that hair it was kind of hard to find it. You have to see how she cum, spreading that warm fluid all over her pubic, it’s so fantastic that it will be such a pitty to miss one of the scenes, cause they are pretty spectacular, I promise! You will adore the way he will also spread his jizz into her hair, and their cum will mix up! Yay!lussy-getting-fucked

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Rachel Evans and Her Hairy Pussy

hairy-babes-rachel-evans-fuckedRachel Evans is one of the hairy babes that is simply adorable, mostly when she is that mood that she could spread her legs any time, to offer you the nice explicit image of her hairy pussy! For this time, cause she was in the mood for something really naughty, she took a nurse suit on and she claimed to be one of the nurses in this hospital, just to get to fuck one of the hot doctors. As soon as one doctor arrived into this private room, she grabbed him and put him on a bed and she started to make out with him.

It seems like Rachel Evans really got the looks and the guts for it, cause in just a very short while, they removed their clothes and they started to fuck right there and right away. He was super thrilled to stuff his colossal tool into her hairy pussy and push it there with a lot of eagerness and heaviness. She simply adores riding huge cocks, just like the ladies from milkenema galleries, and he is crazy about all the pussy that have the pubic hair so it was a win win situation for these two over here! Enjoy!

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Hairy Babes – Kattie Gold

The latest hairy babes video update is so freaking awesome! The hottest babe, Kattie Gold is now here with us and she is going to reveal her latest hardcore sex experience! She fucked with a guy that is simply insane after babes with pubic hair, so as you imagined, as soon as she got rid of her clothes and he noticed that fantastic red bush that she has between her legs, he was hard instantly, he didn’t even need something else for that to happen, he only had to look at her hairy pussy and the magic happened! You got to see how happy she was to receive that great pussy pounding and how she spread her legs, offering him a full access to her curly haired pussy! hairy-babes-kattie-gold

hairy-babes-kattie-gold-fuckedHe was super happy to go through all that hair with his colossal tool and shove it there, where it’s warm an nice. Of course that he couldn’t hold it any longer so he spread his warm and milky cum load all over her pubic hair, with all the eagerness. Oh, he liked it so much to spread his load on that curls, it’s just the way he wanted, but since she wasn’t already done, they started a number two fucking session, just to get to please her as well. Kattie Gold will wow you with her skills in the fucking area, you will simply love the way she will spread her legs and offer her vagina to this horny guy! Hot!

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Klaudia Fucked Hard

Klaudia is the most recent hairy babes model and she was super thrilled to find out that she is going to ride a huge tool today, since she wasn’t being fucked from last week. Her hairy pussy was kind of wet only when she was thinking about that hammering that she will get that she couldn’t wait any longer! It was so amazing to ride that enormous cock that her hairy pussy got all wet instantly! Like the chicks form punkporn galleries, she adores to bang but most of all she adore to screw guys that have huge cocks, cause they are able to fill her pussy entirely! She likes it a lot when she is being fucked for good and she adores it when the guy that she is fucking with is going with his fingers through her pubic hair, it makes her super hot and super horny.

And the good thing is that today she managed to be with a guy that also likes babes with curly pubic hair! He simply adores it when he is seeing a pussy with hair, he even likes to stuff his tongue there and play with those curls! Have a great time guys and I will see you tomorrow with some other impressive update, but until then, have fun with Klaudia and her fuck buddy, cause they will have a blast together! Don’t miss a single second, cause who knows what may happen there with these two! Make sure you have some napkins around cause you will get super horny and hard! Also you might visit the blog and watch some sexy chicks squirting!


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Busty Hairy Babes – Mischelle & Stella

busty-hairy-babesThere are two busty hairy babes that will amaze you today, not just one! Mischelle and Stella will fuck each other, stuffing their tongues into their hairy pussies! These two sexy ladies are so damn horny and slutty that they will do anything just to get to the orgasm! Have a great time here with us and with these two babes will curly hair down there, at their pussies. They will have a wonderful time pleasing each other with their mouths and with their fingers, cause this is their favorite thing they like to do best!

They simply adore to stuff their tongue and tangle it with that curly pubic hair and to shove their tongues deep inside there, where it’s warm and nice! You will simply adore this amazing update and we are glad to show it to you right now, cause both Mischelle and Stella will take turns in pleasing each other and stuffing their fingers there, where it’s warm and nice! You will see how their cum will be all over their black pussy hair but that’s so damn hot that I will let you see it for yourself! Enjoy these beauties and their fluffy pussies as well!

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